Jen Hong


Hey everybody!

Thanks for visiting my online portfolio! I'm interested in so many things: music, video games, animation, art, movies, animals, literature, stories, children's books, psychology, seeing new places, candy, plushes, toys and your run of the mill everyday conversations that tend to go nowhere and everywhere. I like finding new things and sharing them with others.

Creating artwork is that breath of cold fresh air when you feel claustrophobic or too warm. It's refreshing, exhilarating, and oh-so-satisfying. You may stumble along the way and curse yourself for a mistake, but the end result is always the fruit and labor of your passion and love. The need to draw and create is something that comes from deep within. Pursue it with all your might.

I'm always happy to take commissions or requests, but if you want to just drop a note and say hi, feel free to do so!

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  • Illustration


  • Traditional media
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator